17-18 Мая, 2018
Гостиница «Park Inn by Radisson Пулковская»,
Санкт-Петербург, площадь Победы, 1

Enterprise Automation with Selenium and why it has very little to do with Selenium

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As Selenium is becoming a W3C standard, more and more organizations are moving to Selenium as their GUI automation tool. Most teams focus on writing tests and tackling issues via Selenium itself.

However, in our experience Selenium is usually the smallest "problem" in getting an enterprise ready test automation solution off the ground. This talk shows cases with many practical examples how test automation with Selenium boils down to being a full-blown software project, that needs to be treated and staffed as such. It will show the major pitfalls that prevent teams to build a scalable and reliable automation solution with the Selenium tool family. And it will show how to apply a lean approach in making test automation with Selenium a full success.

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